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Our Engagement Models

We offer dynamic, customer-receptive, and customer-sensitive engagement models. We collaborate with the customer in the following engagement types

Managed services Jyothy technologies

Managed Services

  • Jyothy Technologies takes accountability for the committed deliveries, cost and the timelines. Under this type of engagement, the customers can make use of a high-class infrastructure, a well-designed framework guided process methodology, reusable software assets, best in class industrial practices, state of the art technology and effective Tools. All these lead to following takeaways for the customers.

  • Faster cycle times.

  • Stable and predictable outcomes post-engagement period.

  • Reduction in cost.

Staff Augmentation

  • We specialize in catering to the requirement of resources to augment our customers' project teams' capacity.

  • In this mode of engagement, the client can experience the fulfillment of contractual obligations, better timeliness, and skill enablement.

  • This provides flexibility to our clients to manage their capacity and optimize their costs.

Staff augmentation Jyothy Technologies
Managed capacity Jyothy technologies

Managed Capacity

  • This type of customer engagement model typically involves the deployment of seasoned professionals who can understand exact customer engagement requirements and define or impart a structure to get the intended initiative rolling successfully into subsequent phases/stages.

  • This activity is carried out by senior management or senior professionals or under the close involvement of them.

  • Hazard-free or smooth rollout/sailing of customer initiatives

  • Optimal and uninterrupted productivity.

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